One of the most popular questions we are often asked...

Do we offer Part Exchange / Cash for Gear Deals.? Yes, Yes, Yes,

Best Prices always Paid.
We are are one of the few photographic businesses within the UK that welcomes Part Ex / Trade In deals. We have a very healthy demand for all types of used equipment, especially Semi Pro to Pro quality.

We always offer the best prices on deals - whether you are looking to part exchange your equipment or simply 'cash in'. We will buy your unwanted equipment direct.

Individuals, Photographic Club or Professional?
We work with many organisations throughout the UK in their photographic asset disposal. We can deal with one, a hundred or a thousand units. We quote prices same day, enabling you to make an informed choice on what is the best strategy for you

Straight Cash Deals ?
We do not just undertake Part Ex / Trade In deals - we can also move quickly for straightforward buy in deals so you can turn your unused equipment into ready cash.

Further Information
Whatever your Part Ex / Trade In needs, contact us for a professional one to one discussion on the best options and prices available to you.

No kit is too small or quantity too great.

Sales Telephone Number
0121 559 3650

Monday to Friday
9am to 4pm

Part Ex / Trade In Valuation